Inspired by the life and teaching of his illustrious Master, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Deva, the prophet of love and peace Swami Vivekananda, the patriot-saint of India deeply felt that man is the best manifestation of god on earth, and therefore, service to mankind is the best form of god worship. With a view to propagating this glorious message to the world and demonstrating its truth in practical life he founded in May 1897 the Ramakrishna Mission.


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In course of time the Mission developed into an organization of international fame and importance, and extended its activities all over the world through a large number of branch centers.

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The Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home, Rahara, is one such branch center, which was established on the first September, 1944 as an Orphanage with 37 boys rendered orphan by the great Bengal Famine of 1942-1943. The Home also extended its activities to the field of education and built a big educational complex around it with a number of institutions for general, technical, vocational as well as teacher education.


Brahmananda Post Graduate Basic Training College was an integral part of this educational complex. The college was established on the 17th Feb. 1961, after the holy name of swami Brahmananda, the first president of Ramakrishna Math and Mission.

Since the session 1999-2000 this college has been renamed as Ramakrishna Mission Brahmananda College of Education (a unit of Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home, Rahara) after  being affiliated to the University of Calcutta introduce B.Ed. course in place of PGBT course. The college is fully residential and recognized by the NCTE.


The college has already made its distinguished mark in the teacher-training program of the State. The college plan comprises a well-equipped library, a play-ground and a three storied hostel building. Laboratory facilities for the study of Physical Science, Life Science, and Geography, Workshop facilities for Work Educational projects, efficient teaching staff , exceptionally good results year after year and good discipline have all combined  to earn a reputation for the college. Facilities of computer, Internet, generator, Xerox machine, educational programs through projectors, TV, VCR, DVD, and Epidiascope, Multi-gym are also available.